Episode 1: Julie Anne Beck – A Video Cast with Stiry & The Emily Effect

The Emily Effect is proud to present our first video cast collaboration with Stiry! In this episode, Julianne Beck shares her story of experiencing Postpartum Pyschosis and how she was able to work through it with the help and support of family and professionals. Julianne’s story will shed light on this topic that is often coupled with darkness and confusion. Her story is full of hope and is one that every family needs to hear. You will not only walk away with a new understanding of Postpartum Psychosis, but of how the lessons Julianne learned can apply to any struggle that you or a loved one may be going through.


I Am McKenna: A Stiry Story

Two of the most common symptoms of Postpartum Depression are anger and rage. Unfortunately, they are also the least recognized and are often accompanied by feelings of shame from moms who experience them. McKenna’s story sheds light on this difficult aspect of Postpartum Depression and gives hope to moms who can relate. As therapist Amy Rose White so beautifully stated in this video: “Having these feelings doesn’t mean you are a bad mom. It means that you are someone who is in need of support. That’s it.” McKenna’s story is an important reminder that our mental health journeys are ongoing and that healing is possible.

Good Things Utah – How The Emily Effect Supports Women Struggling Postpartum

Executive director Megan Johnson with The Emily Effect and Founder of Stiry Dan Davis stopped by to tell us all about The Emily Effect Film. The Emily Effect mission is to provide resources to families and support for women suffering from perinatal mood disorders. In an effort to end the stigma and end the shame, they are producing real and raw stories of mothers and families who have faced these issues.


Emily’s Effect: A Stiry Story

For the past five years, Emily’s story has helped countless moms and families realize that they aren’t alone in their mental health struggles. Our resolve to share her story has only increased with the passing of time. Now more than ever, moms everywhere need to feel validation and connection as they navigate their own motherhood journeys. We need your help to make sure EVERY mom can look at their own stories through new eyes by watching Emily’s story!

The Emily Effect at the Utah State Senate

The passionate team at the Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative was instrumental in getting a resolution regarding awareness and treatment of maternal depression and anxiety prepared and in front of the legislature. We’re humbled at the chance we have to rub shoulders with such compassionate and caring individuals. An investment in moms is an investment in the future. Thanks […]

Dancing Without You Documentary Now on YouTube

Dancing Without You on YouTube

The Dancing Without You documentary is now available on The Emily Effect YouTube channel. About the documentary: A BYU School of Communications documentary in loving memory of Emily Cook Dyches, highlighting the unspoken effects of postpartum depression in Utah. Produced by Aley Davis and Gabriel Gledhill. A note of caution: as you can imagine, this topic […]