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Postpartum Support International (PSI)

  • Postpartum Support Internationals mission is to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide. It is the vision of PSI that every women and family worldwide will have access to information, social support, and informed professional care to deal with mental health issues related to childbearing. PSI promotes this vision through advocacy and collaboration, and by educating and training the professional community and the public.
  • For a list of local treatment programs, specialist or support groups in your area please visit the following:

Postpartum Progress

Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative – PSI Utah

  • Email:
  • The Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative/PSI Utah brings women and families with lived experience together with medical, mental health & allied professionals around the state. Their mission is to exchange ideas and form relationships to increase and improve awareness, prevention, detection, and treatment of maternal mental health conditions in Utah. Our goal is to ensure that every woman in Utah receives information on risk, prevention, and treatment of pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders which affect at least 13% of Utah moms. We also provide peer support services including phone, email, and support groups as well as trainings for families and providers.

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