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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Emily Effect. We appreciate people from our community who are willing to join hands with us and make a difference.

We are very excited about the work that is already being done and look forward to continuing this movement with help from volunteers like you. While we do not have any formal volunteer positions available right now, you can make a difference in someone’s life by being an advocate in the following areas:

  • Social Media: Share The Emily Effect’s social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You don’t need to share every post but share the posts, either directly or publicly, that resonate with you and share your personal experience or passion.
  • Talk to Your Clinicians: When moms demand better maternal mental health care, change will happen. When you have the opportunity, discuss The Emily Effect with your OB/GYN and pediatrician and share what you’ve learned from Emily’s story. You could specifically mention that 1 out of 7 women will experience a Perinatal Mood Disorder and that they are the #1 complication of childbirth. Ask your doctor what he/she is doing to screen for and treat Perinatal Mood Disorders. If applicable, discuss personal concerns you have about your mental health and pregnancy and come up with a treatment plan as to what you will do in the event that you experience this complication. We hope that changes in legislation and standards in medical practice are on the road to change, but until that happens, social pressure and setting our own standards for care in a one-on-one environment with our clinicians are the most effective tools we have to create change.

Thank you again for your willingness to give your time, talents, and energy! We will be posting volunteer positions as they become available. We’ll announce volunteer opportunities here and on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You can also sign up to be on our mailing list.

Great things are happening and will continue to happen because of people like you!