Episode 1: Julie Anne Beck – A Video Cast with Stiry & The Emily Effect

The Emily Effect is proud to present our first video cast collaboration with Stiry! In this episode, Julie Anne Beck shares her story of experiencing Postpartum Pyschosis and how she was able to work through it with the help and support of family and professionals. Julie Anne’s story will shed light on this topic that is often coupled with darkness and confusion. Her story is full of hope and is one that every family needs to hear. You will not only walk away with a new understanding of Postpartum Psychosis, but of how the lessons Julie Anne learned can apply to any struggle that you or a loved one may be going through.

** Please note that Julie Anne’s story mentions suicide and might be triggering for some. We have several resources on our website. If you are in crisis, you can also seek help by calling 800-273-9255.