I Am McKenna: A Stiry Story

The Emily Effect presents the story of a mother with the courage to share her story.

Two of the most common symptoms of Postpartum Depression are anger and rage. Unfortunately, they are also the least recognized and are often accompanied by feelings of shame from moms who experience them. McKenna’s story sheds light on this difficult aspect of Postpartum Depression and gives hope to moms who can relate. As therapist Amy Rose White so beautifully stated in this video: “Having these feelings doesn’t mean you are a bad mom. It means that you are someone who is in need of support. That’s it.” McKenna’s story is an important reminder that our mental health journeys are ongoing and that healing is possible.

** Please note that McKenna’s story mentions suicide and might be triggering for some. We have several resources on our website. If you are in crisis, you can also seek help by calling 800-273-9255.