Eric on KSL TV and Radio on Sunday, May 22


KSL 5 TV at 9 am on May 22

Eric Dyches, founder of The Emily Effect and Amy-Rose White, director of the Utah Maternal Mental Health Colloborative discuss perinatal mood disorders with Dave McCann Sunday morning at 9 am on KSL 5 TV.

KSL News Radio’s The Mom Show at 12 pm on May 22

“Sunday on The Mom Show we continue this conversation with Emily’s husband Eric Dyches. It’s an emotional conversation about what Emily was suffering from and the amazing steps her husband is taking to give hope to 1 in 7 mothers who will experience this same condition.”

It looks like The Mom Show will also be broadcast live on for those of us who don’t live in Utah. Podcast archives for The Mom Show can be found here.

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