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I was ashamed to acknowledge I needed help, and when I finally did, I was admitted to a mental hospital. In my experience, the medical field was not accommodating to the needs of someone suffering from postpartum depression. They didn’t really know what to do with me. They essentially labeled me as “crazy”, bringing more shame and little confidence in their ability to provide treatment.

We need to break the stigma attached to mental illness. We aren’t crazy. We know full well what is happening, but we are completely unable to control the range of emotions we experience. Postpartum mothers in general need a lot of support, but mothers also suffering from mental illness need even more. We need more research and understanding of how to help mothers struggling with mental illness. We need to open our mouths to let other moms know they are not alone. I am a survivor, and it is my responsibility to let other moms know they can survive too.

Just persevere a little longer and hold tight to your loved ones until the sun shines on you again. Please don’t judge; be loving and supportive. It was the love of my husband and children that eventually pulled me through. Have patience and faith, and find someone that will love you until you can love yourself again.

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