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After I had my second daughter, I developed severe postpartum depression. I was getting very little sleep at night, due not only to my newborn but to a toddler that didn’t sleep well. Additionally, I started getting massive headaches from the lack of sleep, which led to irritability and depression. I knew I needed help when I didn’t want to leave my house anymore, nothing sounded fun, and I wasn’t finding joy in anything or anyone.

I confided in my mom, who urged me to call my medical practitioner and request medication. However, I often forgot to take the medication due to being so sleep deprived, and things only worsened when I returned to work when my maternity leave ended. Things eventually got so bad that I decided I would stop breastfeeding my baby so that my husband could help with some of the night feedings. Additionally, I switched medications, and it has been a life saver. Now, I find joy in my children again, and I can say I am happy and feel like myself. Please know that postpartum depression and anxiety can get better!