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It’s hard to share my story, but I wanted to just say how grateful I am for Emily’s family
and their bravery in sharing her story. I suffered a psychotic break in 2019, and it was a
slow climb back out.

I experienced so much shame when I first got out of the hospital, and many around me
were helpless in knowing the right thing to say. Many believed I had “cracked” and
wouldn’t come back. I read Emily’s story and had never related with a stranger more.
The only difference was that somehow the day my panic attack happened, a police
officer found me and admitted me.

I watch videos of women losing it…being called “crazy” or “Karen” and I sit there and
just cry knowing that it isn’t them. It’s this insidious disease killing beautiful women, and
I have survivors’ remorse all the time, that for some reason…the medication, the
therapy…it’s helped. It’s healed. But it’s still an epidemic people seem terrified to talk

Thank you for what you do–for the fight you are leading. You have my heart and my
support. I am sending so much love.