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Everything seemed perfect. I had a little girl and was pregnant with my second child. However, when I gave birth I immediately began having trouble. I was worried about everything, and I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to go anywhere; I couldn’t handle daily things that used to be easy. For example, I couldn’t have friends or family over even though I used to love being with other people.

The day that I decided I couldn’t do it anymore was the day I was driving in my husband’s car and the gas light came on warning me it was almost out of gas. I realized I had no money with me to pay for gas, and I experienced a panic attack. I ended up making a right turn without even looking to check for cars because of the extreme panic I was feeling. This experience was a wake-up call.

Because of the Emily Effect, I knew I needed to reach out for some help. Since being on medication, I am now able to handle everything sent my way. For example, my child fell and needed 10 stitches. Before medication, I would have panicked and put my hands over my eyes. Instead, I covered the wound, took her to the Emergency Room, and knew everything would be ok.

Thank you, Emily, for changing lives every day. I can’t fully express my gratitude for you and your example to us all.